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Welcome to KTA Russia’s Kinesio Taping Symposium!

Dear colleagues!
We are proud to invite you to Russia’s first Kinesio Taping Symposium, Sept. 5-6, 2015 in Moscow.
The Symposium will be held at the  I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. «First Med» is the oldest medical school in Russia,  and traces its roots to the medical faculty of Moscow Imperial University, which was founded in 1758. Now it is the largest in Russia, with 14 000 thousand undergraduate, and more than 15 000 postgraduate students. The University is located in the historic center of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin and other famous Russian historical buildings and monuments.
The Symposium will be brought to you by Kinesio Taping Association (International) and it’s official affiliate in the Russian Federation, KTA Russia.
Nine years ago, KTA Russia and Kinesio’s Russian distributor Eaglesports, were the first to bring the Kinesio Taping Method to the Russian Federation. Since that time, KTA Russia has been training sports and medical professionals to effectively use the Kinesio Taping method in their own practices. We have conducted well over 100 workshops and trained more than 1,000 professionals; It is time to bring the Russian Taping community together to share both our international and local knowledge and experiences!
It is the perfect way to follow up on last year’s close cooperation with the Russian and International Olympic Committees during 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. At the Sochi Games, Kinesio Taping was the Official Elastic Therapeutic Tape, and Kinesio Taping founder Dr. Kenzo Kase led a team of trained CKTPs in both the Coastal, and Mountain Cluster clinics. Every day of the Olympics, Dr. Kase helped elite athletes prepare for competition.  Kinesio played a prominent role in helping Russian (and other) hockey players, figure skaters, speed skaters and skiers achieve fantastic results at the Games.  While in Sochi, The IOC asked Dr. Kase to run a series of lectures and demonstrations to the medical population at the Olympics. KTA Russia and Dr. Kase continue to work with the ROC today, and we hope to see their representatives at the Symposium in September.
KTA Russia is proud to welcome Dr. Kenzo Kase back to Russia, where he will Chair the Symposium.
The program of the Symposium:
CKTP certification
Informal talks
Prizes and gifts
KTA Russia also organizes dinner with Dr. Kenzo Kase, tickets will be sold separately.
Keynote speakers and workshop instructors:
Dr. Kenzo Kase — Chairman of the Symposium
Franssine Stefano Pt — CKTI (Italy)
Graceann G. Forrester — CKTI (USA)
Cyril Shlikov CKTI:
«I look forward to September when the symposium will be held. I look
forward to hearing both new ideas and old secrets from Dr. Kase,
Stefano, Michael Kaganovich and other famous people in the Kinesio
world. Each symposium meeting is always very helpful, especially when
you can listen to those who were responsible for the origin of the method.»
Vladimir Arkov — CKTI:
«I think that it will be a very interesting & modern Symposium. Scientifically based, attractive, with famous opinion leaders — Kenso Kase (Father of taping), Stefano, Forrester!
I am waiting for September with admiration for it!
This is the best opportunity for professionals in treatment of musculoskeletal system to rise level of apprehension.»
Mikhail Kasatkin — CKTI:
«5-6 September 2015 held the first international symposium on Kinesio Taping method in Russia.
This grand event is sure to attract a huge number of specialists in this methodology and will surprise its traditional Russian hospitality.
Hope to see all the happy kinesio-family in Moscow! See you soon!»
Dmitry Gorkovsky — CKTI:
«Finally, in Russia will have it’s first official Kinesio Taping Symposium, even
better for being held in such a landmark as «First Med».
We look forward to congregating with Dr. Kase and professionals from the
KTAI education committee».
Mikhail Kaganovich — CKTI:
«I am sure that the Symposium will be a good platform for communication and exchange of professional community using Kinesio Taping Method for improving the quality of life».

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